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Brief introductions of Sanjo Portable Toilet


Portable Toilets are quite popular among RVers. Please read our manual carefully before first use. Here are some brief introductions,

Portable Toilet For saleA portable Toilet includes upper and lower parts, the upper part is the water tank and toilet, with a comfortable seat cushion and a cover installed, and the lower part is a waste-holding tank.
The upper and lower parts of the Portable Toilet can be separated. When the indicator turns red, you must take down the waste-holding tank and pour it at a designated place. Do not forget to put moderate our toilet care product into the waste-holding tank after each dumping. In addition, please remember to close the blade after each usage, so that there will be no unpleasant odor inside your vehicle. Another tip, soft toilet paper is to be used for much easier subsequent handling.
The biggest advantage of the Portable Toilet is that it is more flexible in use and can be applied to multiple scenarios. All kinds of vehicles with compact space can equip this product. Even if one toilet is fixed in the RV bathroom, you may also have a portable one, especially for kids.
Have a nice trip with our Sanjo or Freucamp products on board.


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