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RV PU Door

3J -PD-2

When placing orders please let us know key specifications, including HxW & wall thickness

Specification: 1810x600mm Cut-out:1812x602mm ( 4-R90mm )

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Feature & Functions

● PU foaming process provides better acoustic and thermal insulation properties

● Patented two-point lock includes functions: remote control, eletromotive pulling assistance, linkage with step, keyless entry system, child safety lock, etc.

● Ultimate load test over 11000N on the lock and hinges, complying with EU.M1 test standards

● 100,000 times' opening and closing test

● Having passed water-proof test, flame retardant test, etc.

● Double glazing acrylic, UV resistance, E-Mark certified

● Powder coated aluminum alloy frame and panel

● Full light shading pleated blind

● High-grade chrome-plated aluminium handle

● Optional limit strut, door holder and trash cans

● Applicable wall thickness: 28-36mm

● Maximum opening angle: 180°

● Clip wall with screws and plastic blocks which included in the package

● Matched with pleated fly screen pleated fly screen

● Weight: 22Kg