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RV Electric Door Step


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Feature & Functions

●Protection function:
When vehicle speed is ≥8km/h, electric step stops working. When electric step opens, the vehicle can't be started

● Anti-pinch function (EKS):
When electric step receives opening or closing resistance up to 2100N, it will reture to close/open position automatically

● Voltage protection:
When vehicle battery's voltage is ≤9V or >16V, electric step stops working

● Performance parameter:
1.Working voltage of 9~16V, working current being ≤5A, locked-rotor current being ≤15A, motor speed being ≥23r/Min
2.Motor noise being ≤50dB, electric step noise being ≤60dB
3.Electric step working temperature: -40°C~85°C                                              
4.Static carrying capacity: 150Kg
5.Motor lP level: IP67
6. Product durability test: 100000 cycles
7.Vehicle communication interface: CAN/LIN