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RV Mini Washing Machine


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Feature & Functions

This is an automatic pulsator washing machine with small sizes, it is fully functional and easy to use

● Product description: Automatic pulsator washing machine (drying)

● Dimensions: 372×360×404

● Material: ABS

● Washing/Dehydration: 1Kg

● Energy efficiency rating: Three

● Washing noise: 50dB

● Dehydration noise: 60dB

● Rated voltage: AC 220V/50Hz

● Allowable voltage fluctuation range: AC187V-242V

● Allowable fluctuation range of water pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.5Mpa

● Waterproof level: IPX4

● Washing power: 50W

● Dehydration power: 50W

● Heating power: 800W

● Drying power: 200W

● Net weight/Gross weight: 9Kg/10.5Kg