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RV Fridge Vent

3J-FV Series

Product Category


Feature & Functions

● High quality ASA material with UV resistance property

● Color can be customized

● Reserved hole positions are quite easy for direct self-tapping screw installation

● lt is suitable for places inside a vehicle where ventilation needed, such as refitted vehicles, recreational vehicles and other special vehicles

● lt matches RV refrigerators

Product Size Overall dimensions Cut-out Hole fillet
Code LxWxH(mm) L*W*H (mm) L*W*H(mm) mm
3J-FV1000 451x156x42 480x185x42 451x156 R5
3J-FV2000 490x250x42 518x278x42 490x250 R5
3J-FV3000 490x250x58 518x278x58 490x250 R5