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CRW Curved Roof Window


When placing orders please let us know key specifications, including HxW & wall thickness

Specification: 600×900&570×565

Product Category


Feature & Functions

● Aluminium alloy hinge

● Specialized rubber seal around the hole for waterproof

● Telescopic strut stays open at multi-angle

● 2 lock positions with plastic handle

● Double glazing dome top, UV resistant, E-Mark certified

● High quality ABS inner shell

● The blind system can be activated individually or locked together to stay in optional position

● Maximum opening angle: 45°

Product Code Specification (mm) Suitable for roof thickness (mm) Suitable for roof radius (mm) Section dimension (mm) Overal dimension outside (mm) Overal dimension inside (mm)
3J-CRW 600x900 30-31/35-36 R3500 600x900(4R70-75mm) 732x1265 762x1065
3J-CRW 570x565 30-31/35-36 R2150 570x565(4R70-75mm) 695x927 723x728