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RV Fixed Window


When placing orders please let us know key specifications, including HxW & wall thickness

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Feature & Functions

● Single glazing thickened acrylic, UV resistant, E-Mark certified

● Powder coated high strength aluminium alloy frame

● Suitable for wall thickness: 25-40, 35-45, 50-60mm

● Clip wall with aluminium inner frame

● Different blinds are suitable

● Frame colour is black (different colours on request)

Specification HxW (mm) Cut-out HxW (mm) Hole fillet (mm) Weight (Kg)
250x1000 253x1003 R70 2.7
300x500 303x503 R70 1.7
300x600 303x603 R70 2.0
300x1100 303x1103 R70 3.3
300x1300 303x1303 R70 3.8
350x500 353x503 R70 1.9
400x800 403x803 R70 3.0
400x900 403x903 R70 3.3
450x500 453x503 R70 2.2
500x450 503x453 R70 2.2
500x520 503x523 R70 2.5
500x600 503x603 R70 2.8
600x500 603x503 R70 2.8
600x600 603x603 R70 3.2
(Special sizes can be customized)