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RV Washing Machine


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Feature & Functions

This is a wall-mounted washing machine with a small and compact size, which perfectly solves the small space problem. lt is fully functional and easy to use which also adds a drying function. It is the best choice for RV and family!

● product description: Automatic pulsator washing machine (drying)

● Product size: 620×550×340mm

● Material: ABS

● Washing/Dehydration: 3Kg

● Energy efficiency rating: Three

● Washing noise: 55dB

● Dehydration noise: 65dB

● Rated voltage: AC 220V/50Hz (60HZ)

● Allowable voltage fluctuation range: AC 187V-242V

● Allowable fluctuation range of water pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.8Mpa

● Rated power: 1200W

● Washing power: 100W

● Spin power: 100W

● Net Weight/Gross weight: 19Kg/21Kg

● Electromagnetic door lock

● Steam antibacterial

● The control panel can be removed