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RV Roof Window


Product Category


Feature & Functions

● Easy operation with gas struts

● Double glazing dome top, UV resistant, E-Mark certified

● ASA frame material (different colour on request)

● Maximum opening angle: 60°

● Pleated blind and flyscreen can be activated individually or locked together by magnet and positioned as required

● LED lights (12V DC), cold light or warm light are optional

● Clip wall with plastic blocks and screws inside the package

Product Code Overall Size (acrylic)
Overall Size (inner shell)
Cut-out Size
Wall Thickness
400x450V 585x578 525x525 402x452 15 25-60mm LED
500x700 645x835 580x780 502x702 50 25-60mm LED
500x700V 645x835 580x780 502x702 50 25-60mm LED
Note:“V"in 500x700V means different inner frame have permanent ventilation.