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Advantages of RV Toilet


The main body of the RV Toilet product is made of lightweight PP material, and the built-in bowl employs a special techniques for easy cleaning and structures for easy flushing-saving water. The bowl can be rotated 90 degrees to the left or rightwhich is flexible for usage.

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The toilet lid of the RV Toilet and seat are made of special materials and have antibacterial functions. The toilet lid has a magnetic mechanism to eliminate shaking and a slow-closing structure to reduce noise. There are indicators showing the black water tank being ready and conditions being normal. The product can bear a maximum load of 120Ka.
The RV Toilet product is not connected to a central sewerage pipe instead there is a built-in waste collection device, when it is full, the red light on the control panel will be prompted. indicating that the black water tank has to be emptied. In addition, there is also an alarm for waste empty and flushing is to be delayed to prevent overflowing.
The black water tank of the RV Toilet is to be withdrawn from outside there is a special venting device exhausting unpleasant odors out of the vehicle.
There are a pull rod and wheels on the black water tank for easy moving. Between the black water tank and the bowl, there is a high-a-loss PBT blade and a sealing ring whose excellent properties can block liquid leakage and odor spread effectively. Easy replacement of vulnerable parts.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Advantages of RV Toilets, hope it helps you.

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