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Types of RV Toilets on sales


1. Traditional gravity rinse. This RV toilet is similar to a home toilet but does not include a water storage tank. Therefore, this type of RV Toilet on sales can only be used when it is connected to an external water source, or when the water pump of the RV storage tank is turned on. Usually, you flush the toilet with the foot pedal. You will also need to use the lever to fill the tank with water.

RV Toilet on sales
2. Dipping rinse. This type of RV Toilet on sales has motor-driven blades that soften and thin the waste before it is transported to the storage tank (aka black storage tank). Waste in storage tanks became more fluid as they were crushed into small pieces before being moved from the toilet to the black container.
3. Vacuum type. Vacuum flushing RV Toilet on sales uses a dip pump and vacuum to remove everything from the bowl. The vacuum makes flushing more powerful and liquefies solid waste. This is convenient because you can put it in several places in the RV.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Types of RV Toilets on sales, hope it helps you.

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