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RV Euro Vision Window

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RV Euro Vision Window

RV Window
Feature & Functions
● Double glazing acrylic, UV resistant, E-mark
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Feature & Functions

  • Double glazing acrylic, UV resistant, E-mark
  • Powder coated high strength aluminium alloy frame
  • EPDM rubber seal around frame for waterproof
  • Telescopic   strut  stays  open  at   multi-angel, three  different  struts  are   optional  (handle  twist,three-stop,optional  stop)
  • Wieldy plastic handle
  • Suitable for wall thickness:25-35、35-45、50-60mm
  • Clip wall with alumininum inner frame
  • Different blinds are suitable
  • Frame colour is black (different colours on request)

(When place orders let us know specification HxW & wall thickness)



Specification HxW ( mm ) Cut hole H×W(mm) Hole fillet (mm) Weight(kg)
300x500 303x503 R70 2.4
300x700 303x703 R70 3.1
300x1100 303x1103 R70 4.8
350x600 353x603 R70 3.1
350x1200 353x1203 R70 3.8
350x1450 353x1453 R70 4.5
400x700 403x703 R70 3.7
400x1200 403x1203 R70 4.9
450x500 453x503 R70 3.3
450x610 453x613 R70 3.6
450x800 453x803 R70 3.9
450x900 453x903 R70 5.4
450x1000 453x1003 R70 5.8
450x1100 453x1103 R70 6.5
500x300 503x303 R70 2.3
500x450 503x453 R70 3.1
500x520 503x523 R70 3.3
500x900 503x903 R70 5.8
500x1200 503x1203 R70 6.8
520x500 523x503 R70 3.4
520x900 523x903 R70 5.4
550x700 553x703 R70 4.4
550x900 553x903 R70 5.5
550x1100 553x1103 R70 7.4
550x1450 553x1453 R70 9.2
600x350 603x353 R70 2.9
800x1000 803x1003 R70 8.5
900x900 903x903 R70 8.6
800x1200 803x1203 R70 9.9

(Special sizes can be customized)

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