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RV Toilet Bowls

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 The main body of the RV toilet bowl is made of lightweight PP material, and the built-in top port uses special technics and structure that are easy to clean and easy to flush – Saving water

 The top port can be rotated at an angle of 90º to save space and be flexible to use (W5000)

 The toilet lid has a magnetic suction and anti-jitter mechanism, and the toilet lid has a slow-down mechanism to reduce noise;

 Control panel with waste water tank in place and normal use indicator

 The toilet bowl can bear a maximum load of 120kg

 The flush toilet bowl is not connected to the central sewerage pipe. This toilet bowl has a built-in sewerage collection device. When it is full, the red liquid level on the control panel prompts to empty the waste water tankThere is also alarm warning waste, delay to close the flush to prevent full overflow box

 The waste water tank is designed outside the RV, and the waste water tank is taken out from the RV

 Trolley and wheels under the chassis are used to  transport waste bins to clean-up areas 

● The high-gloss PBT top coverblade and sealant ring are used to seal between the waste water tank and the potty. The sealing performance is good, which can effectively block the smell of the waste water tank

● Easy and easy replacement of breakable parts

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